Software Developer Job Description

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Job Summary KDataScience is looking for a Software developer who will be part of Software development team. The ideal candidate needs to be self-driven and needs to have ability to work in team. Responsibilities and Duties Operate as part of Software Development team. Key...

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What is SSRS

What is SSRS? What It Can Do and Reasons to Choose

What is SSRS? Data is the major requirement of the business world with the advancement in technical advancement. The meaningful data is used by the companies to get an insight for timely decisions and strategically placed business tactics. In order to...

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Domo Business Intelligence | What is Domo Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Domo Business Intelligence (BI) | Domo Business Intelligence

Domo Business Intelligence is a cloud-based Business Intelligence Reporting and Business Management Suite that easily coordinates with different information sources, including spreadsheets, databases, internet-based life, and any current cloud-put together or concerning introduces programming arrangement....

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What is BI

What is BI Reporting and how it help businesses?

Business intelligence Reporting  (BI Reporting)  is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help, Leadership Team, Top Management team, Senior Executives, Top Managers, and other Corporate users make well-informed business decisions based on solid data and...

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Learn How to Use Ribbon in Excel - KDataScience

Learn How to Use Ribbon in Excel – KDataScience

Ribbon in Excel helps Microsoft Excel users and they can customize the ribbon tabs on their Excel files.. Microsoft has added into Microsoft Excel 2010 the option to customize ribbon tabs while Microsoft Excel 2007 served the default only....

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