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Domo Business Intelligence | Domo Professional Services

Domo Business Intelligence Reporting Tool


Domo is a cloud-based platform only Business Intelligence and Visualization tool designed to provide direct, simplified, real-time access to business data for decision-makers across the company with minimal IT involvement. Domo integrates with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, social media and any existing cloud-based or on-premise software solution. Domo provides a dashboard-style data aggregator to help CEOs and managers track operations quickly and painlessly.


Domo started with a theme of connecting all of your data where it is how it is and does it at the scale of thousands of connectors and trillion of rows of data. It’s ETL process is simple drag and drop which combines and transforms your data without any coding. Domo Display Visualization is shareable Cards and the cards are organized as Sections. Domo’s Dashboards are called pages.


Business benefits of using Domo for your Interactive Business Intelligence reporting requirements:


  • Get insights on your enterprise Data in minutes
  • Make a proactive decision with AI and alerts
  • Get industry-specific answers directly from Domo
  • Use industry-specific prebuild dashboards
  • Create custom App for your unique use cases
  • Control data access with personalized data permissions at an individual-user and row level.
  • Create Roles and quickly assign access to users by directly mapping to it
  • Buzz chat tool


Domo has the late entrant advantage and provides the following technology advancements to the competition in the market:


  • Cloud Native and does not carry any baggage of managing on-premise as well as cloud implementations
  • Integrated Authentication – easily integrate user authentication to Active Directory or other SAML authentication method of your choice
  • Rapid Setup – Launch and power up your data in minutes
  • Connect all your data – Access 1,000+ pre-built data integrations
  • Transform your data – With drag-and-drop ETL
  • Visualize your data – Hundreds of pre-built dashboards, charts, and no code apps
  • See real-time reports, anytime, anywhere – Access data instantly on any device
  • Collaborate – Share insights and collaborate on data that matters most



Why Choose KDataScience for Domo BI Reporting?


KDataScience provides Domo Business Intelligence Reporting Services and Solutions with skilled in-house resources. Our Services are available on hourly engagement or turnkey basis, whichever suits you. For each of our engagement, post we assess the opportunity, we provide an estimated cost and time required to help the client make a quicker decision.

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