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Power BI Business Intelligence | Business Intelligence And Data Analysis

Power BI Business Intelligence | Business Intelligence And Data Analysis

Power BI Business Intelligence


Power BI is the Business Intelligence Reporting service from Microsoft and provides interactive visualization capabilities. Power BI allows us to move from Data to Insights in minutes rather than hours or days in traditional ways. The visual interface is easy enough for anyone to make good use of information quickly and easily. Power BI Interface is designed keeping the end-user in mind and makes it possible for non-technical users to get benefits out of it.


Power BI provides over 100 build-in connectors to establish connectivity to 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM, MailChimp, and other data sources. Power BI Analytics Service is available in both on-premise as well as Cloud mode. The Service can scale across the organization still maintaining secure access and governance needed for your organization. It is tightly integrated to other Microsoft Services and delivers unparalleled Business Intelligence reporting and Analytics services to users. It is the first product to offer embedded offerings, allowing Business Intelligence reporting to embed directly in your Business Applications and offer the uninterrupted access to users to Business Intelligence reporting on your platform itself.


Power BI Products are available in a variety of licensing options to make its users to adopt it quickly. The licensing options also allow users to start with on-premise implementation and move to Cloud implementation as they become comfortable.


  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Pro
  • Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Mobile
  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power BI Report Server


Why Choose KDataScience for Power BI Reporting?


KDataScience provides Power BI Business Intelligence Reporting Services and Solutions with skilled in-house resources. Our Services are available on hourly engagement or turnkey basis, whichever suits you. For each of our engagement, post we assess the opportunity, we provide an estimated cost and time required to help the client make a quicker decision.

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