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VBA in Excel | Automation in Excel And Access | VBA in Access

VBA in Excel & VBA in Access Automation is a powerful tool that helps you automate several repeat tasks which not only reduces human dependency but also reduce cycle time, reduces the error rate and make the delivery process more predictable and reliable.


Excel & Access VBA programming allows us completely automate select on the select Excel & Access file used by a user. It could be simple validations as whether the user is allowed to enter information or not in a certain field or could be complex one line like allowing only Capital Letters with any special character etc or a much-complicated combination of validations, color, auto-populated data, and many more other controls. Some of the frequent tasks that we see Excel & Access Automation being used are:


Microsoft VBA in Excel


  • Integration of Excel with SharePoint lists and the library using VBA / COM plugins
  • Create Excel templates to input only validated data for SAP using VBA
  • Automate any kind of Report using VBA in Excel
  • User forms with select field active only
  • Generate Financial reports with a single click
  • Operations Dashboards
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Sales Records update into ERP
  • Automated Incentive Calculations with predefined logics
  • Capture sales order in a specific format which can be directly fed into ERP systems


Microsoft VBA in Access


  • Develop custom applications using VBA in MS Access.
  • Integrate MS Access frontend with SQL Database/ MySQL Database to store information.
  • Automate any kind of report using VBA in MS Access.


With KDataScience, you can get a wide range of Excel & Access automation Services right from opportunity and benefits assessments followed by Automation Development, rollout and post rollout support. We take each opportunity independently and engage with the client to understand requirements, develop a small prototype (for larger projects), presents this to the client to ensure it is meeting expectation.


We help our clients to reduce dependency on MIS teams and automate daily, weekly, monthly and other periodic reporting tasks. The reports can be set to trigger automatically or with a specific trigger like the availability of a specific file in a specific folder.


All of our Excel & Access Automation solutions have a very quick payback duration and in most cases, clients start seeing cost savings in less than 2 months, and this is other than the Automation benefits.


We can provide a quick turnaround for most of our VBA in Excel  & VBA in Access automation projects, which could start from days and ends in a max of few weeks including in between demo to the client for real-time visibility. Our services are very economical and we execute projects on both hourly as well as a project basis.


What do we do?


At KDataScience, we create excel & Access reporting automation and spreadsheets for your convenience. Just click on contact us link below to get fully functional automation in Excel & Access with VBA. The Demo is just a simple example to demonstrate a variety of Automations that can be achieved with Excel & Access. Our VBA in Excel & VBA in Access reporting services can make your work pretty easy.


For all of Excel & Access Automation with VBA delivery from us, you will have access to user documentation, Design Documentation, and visual basic project code. Moreover, if you like, you will be able to customize it further as per your requirements. If you want additional features for VBA in excel and VBA in Access, you can get in touch with us for the implementation of the same.

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