SQL Server Reporting | Why you choose SSRS for Daily Reporting

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SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting | Why you choose SSRS for Daily Reporting

Over the past few years SSRS,- SQL Server Reporting Services has undergone several changes over a period of time. It is one of theMostpopular reporting tools on which small-scale and large industries depend upon.


SQL Server Reporting Services a server-based reporting tool, – is used widely for the paginated reports to represent the data governance approach. It depends upon the central server to store files and reports securely in a centralized form. There are several self-service features in the SSRS including running reports on demand, filling up the parameters, and creating reports.


Data is the backbone of the business world at the present time and companies depend on the data to take another step forward. It offers proper insight and meaning to the raw data to make it relevant as per industry standards. There are several reasons due to which companies jump forward to use SSRS. Let us walk you through different aspects of business reporting that make SSRS a vital part of the industry.

Exporting Files

The main factor to have a report is to make it accessible and easy to share with others in any format. This is easily covered up in SSRS that render support to different formats including Image (TIFF), XML, CSV, PDF, and HTML. Apart from this, Microsoft formatting is also offered such as Excel and Word that makes it easy to enable users and editable.


Another factor that makes SQL Server Reporting Services a great reporting platform is to work on a centralized web server for storage. The users can easily place reports in the centralized form to access it from anywhere. Also, it is easy to deploy being in a centralized form.


Data is an extremely essential part of the business world and hence companies rely upon security measures to offer safety. The company data must be kept in a secure environment to ensure no loopholes can create a blunder or data theft. SQL Server Reporting Services works on a role-based and flexible secure model that helps to offer security to the resources

Sort Command

The data can easily be sorted in the form of columns on enabling the command. This capability makes it easy for the user to access data in descending or ascending order. For instance, the sale file can be viewed by users as per the sale amount, date, or name.

Report Submission

The data-driven subscription holds a lot of value when it comes to the SSRS It helps in enabling automatic delivery to the users in a full report format via emails. The users will receive the email sent to them automatically to share the report easily. The standard subscriptions can be sent as per the report parameter values and custom schedule.


SSRS reports can be easily integrated into your business portal. This is an important feature as we donot need to go to the SSRS report server to access the reports. We can easily integrate it on a portal  and display reports within a window/frame on the business portal.


These are the most common reasons that make SQL Server Reporting Services an ideal choice to tap into the meaningful world of data. This is a great way to have an insight on to ensure that business can grow and thrive. Through this, companies can get a hang on reporting document and makes it more interactive as per user role.

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