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Custom Software Development

KDataScience Custom Software Development services fulfill your unique Systems and Application requirements to support your unique business environment. For each of our projects, our expert team engages with the client to understand their requirements, suggests an appropriate solution before it gets into the development cycle. Other than custom application development from scratch, we also take care of your existing application enhancements and maintenance requirements. We follow Agile methodology for Software Development and the client is kept engaged throughout the development cycle.


Our Custom Software Development Services include:


  •      Custom Software Development with .Net MVC
  •      Feature Enhancement Services
  •      Post Deployment Support
  •      Support and Maintenance your Application
  •      API/ Web Services Integration with 3rd party application
  •      Project Planning and Management


Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development is ideal for portal development requirements which are very specific and unique and not met generally with off the shelf WordPress, Joomla and other theme-based products available in the market. Some of the use cases are user Management Portal and tiered user hierarchy, Reporting Dashboards, etc.


Feature Enhancement Services


We also undertake a feature enhancement project for your existing projects whether it is developed by us or anyone else. Feature Enhancement could be a small enhancement for example addition of the Auditing feature or a larger feature in terms of adding a full module to the existing project.


Rollout and Post Deployment Support


The success of any new Software depends heavily on successful rollout which includes pilot user testing, incorporating their feedback and retesting. Developing a rollout plan and ensuring users are given appropriate training and support during the new application rollout period. We partner with our clients and ensure the rollout goes ahead as per plan with predictable results. API and Web Services Integration with 3rd party applications


API and Web Services Integration with 3rd party applications and service providers has become a reality now which can’t be avoided for a variety of reasons. The reason could be as simple as Single Sign-on using Google ID or as complex as integrating push and pull information with Cloud CRM, Analytics and other sources. We have an experienced team that can be leveraged for API and Web Services Integration with little turn-around time and quick delivery.


Why should you hire us?


At KDataScience, we own years of experience in developing .NET oriented software systems for our client’s custom software development requirements especially web portals. We take care of your outsourcing .NET development project end to end right from its inception stage until maintenance, support, and modernization works. We Adhere to agile practices, we deliver results, not just time reports keeping Client is loop every week with the progress of the development work. We Schedule product demo on a bi-weekly basis and ensure what we propose and what we deliver is completely in sync.


For each of our delivery, we provide user documentation, design documentation along with the code itself just in case you would like to develop the feature yourself. The IP of the developed software lies with Client and they can use/ modify the code themselves if they like.

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