Sales Funnel Dashboard

Use Case Study of Sales Funnel Dashboard: –




One of our customers (E-Commerce) requested us to design sales funnel dashboard report of their sales team to
analyze the with developing ETL from their data source that is google analytics and update the data daily our
tool 1ViewAnalytics which elaborate the sales, success rate and revenue generation in funnel to top level


Challenges for Clients:


1. Don’t Have Dashboard reporting to track sales progress.

2. Performance Management of Sales Team

3. Clear Picture of conversion rate

4. Track Revenue rate

5. Track market share.


Business Objective:


The primary objective of Client is to optimize their online sales and marketing strategies by leveraging datadriven insights. They aim to set up a seamless integration between Google Analytics and 1ViewAnlytics to
create real-time Tableau dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of website traffic, conversion rates, and
sales performance. This will enable their marketing and sales teams to make data-informed decisions and
identify opportunities for growth.




To serve them, we implemented a data integration solution to connect Google Analytics with 1ViewAnalytics
using connector.


Here are the steps they followed:


Google Analytics Setup:


Client ensured that their website was properly configured to track relevant data in Google Analytics. They set
up goals and e-commerce tracking to capture transactional data such as performance of sales team, product sales,
revenue, and conversion rates.


Data Connection with Google Analytics:


Using 1ViewAnalytics built-in Google Analytics connector, that established a direct connection to their Google
Analytics account. They provided the necessary authentication details to access their Google Analytics data.


Data Extraction and Transformation:


The Google Analytics connector allowed our Data Analytics team to extract data from various reports,
dimensions, and metrics available in Google Analytics. We fetched data related to website traffic, sales
performance, conversion rate and user behavior.


After connector get established 1ViewAnalytics itself performs data cleaning, transform, and structure the data
for analysis.


Building Interactive Dashboards:


Our Data Analytics team designed a series of interactive dashboards using 1ViewAnalytics. These dashboards
displayed key sales metrics such as revenue trends, top-performing sales representative, conversion rates, and
user behaviour.

They included charts, graphs, and visualizations to present the data in an intuitive and actionable manner.


Real-Time Data Refresh:


To ensure that their Tableau dashboards showed up-to-date information, we set up regular data refresh schedules
on a daily basis. This allowed their top leaders to access real-time insights without manual intervention.


Deployment and Training:


Once the dashboards were finalized, they were published to our Server. Appropriate access controls were set up
to restrict data access based on user roles and responsibilities. Training sessions were conducted for users and
executives to familiarize them with the 1ViewAnalytics and demonstrate how to leverage the insights for




The integration of Google Analytics sales data with 1ViewAnalytics provided to Client with valuable insights
and actionable information.


The benefits included:


Improved visibility into website traffic, user behavior, and sales performance.

Real-time monitoring of online sales and conversion rates, leading to quicker responses to market trends.

Identification of high-performing products, customer segments, and marketing channels.

Enhanced decision-making capabilities for sales and marketing strategies.

Data-driven optimization of the website to improve user experience and increase conversions.