Social Media Reporting

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Data-backed decisions to increase their ROI





We have worked with our B2C clients in the entertainment industry who have their distributions channel in almost all regions of the world. We enabled our clients to make data-backed decisions to increase their ROIs. Through our comprehensive data analysis solutions, they were enabled to harness the power of inferential, predictive and causal analysis to better their business strategies and future plannings in rolling out new products.




  • Leveraging comprehensive data analysis solutions, and enable them to harness the potential of inferential, predictive, and causal analysis.





We have used advanced statistical techniques such as cluster analysis, factor analysis and time-series analysis to unlock insights from data. We extract meaningful patterns and trends which can be turned into actionable recommendations.


Our clients have their different and multiple data sources such as online platforms (app stores, OTT platforms like Netflix, Roku, Vudu etc.) and sources where data is maintained manually. We pulled different KPIs such as views, logins, viewer per account, streaming minutes, genre, artists, revenue and many others. We leveraged their historical data to build predictive model for them and used it for better resource allocation. This also helped them to understand how they can engage with their target audience effectively i.e., enabled them to serve the demand and better their unfocused genre. All this eventually helps in growing the ROIs.


We have built live dashboards to show the consumer engagement on different platforms with different genres. This helped them to connect with their consumers in real time, which eventually helped to get the pulse of each consumer base.


Through the data analysis we helped to identify the emerging trends, capitalize on market shifts and seize opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.


Benefits & Outcome-


  • Integrated key performance indicators (KPIs) such as views, logins, streaming minutes, revenue, genre, and artists.


  • Predictive models to optimize resource effectively.


  • Effective engaged target audiences.