SQL Server Reporting Services


SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services and is a comprehensive reporting platform from Microsoft. SSRS is part of Microsoft SQL Server and was introduced first in 2004. SSRS is part of a suite of Microsoft SQL Server services, including SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). SSRS is a Server-based platform and is used to generate server-side reports. It includes an integrated set of processing component and programmatic interfaces which is used to design and deploy the report.

sql server reporting services

SSRS reports are designed by SSRS Developers which can be published via the web for consumption by general users. Typical use cases of SSRS is where users have frequent use of set reports without much of on the fly changes. SSRS is a cost-effective tool to deliver maximum value without much of cost for organizations using Microsoft SQL Servers. The SSRS solution flexibly delivers the right information to the right users via parameters in a report. Users can consume their reports through a web browser, on their mobile device, or through email.


SSRS reports can be build using Report Builder and SQL Server Data Tools. We can create paginated reports using these tools. Another feature is mobile reports with a responsive layout which gives the flexibility to view reports in different devices and different ways. In the web portal, you can store Excel workbooks of your reports on the portal.


Using the above tools for SSRS, you may create DAX queries against supported SQL Server Analysis Services tabular data models. These queries can be easily generated using a query designer in both tools by simple drag and drop the fields. SQL Server Reporting Services supports integration with SharePoint. Reporting Services programming features of SSRS allows you to extend and customize your reporting functionality. You can integrate your SSRS reports in custom applications using the SSRS APIs.


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