Tableau Business Intelligence Reporting | Tableau Reporting Tool

Tableau Business Intelligence Reporting | Tableau Reporting Tool

Tableau Business Intelligence Reporting


Tableau is an industry leader in Data Visualization tools and used widely for Business Intelligence reporting functions. Tableau allows quick data analysis and organizes reports in Dashboards and Worksheets. Tableau provides Powerful Analytics out of the box for almost all of our Business Reporting requirements. It has built-in modules to connect to a variety of data sources and gives us Dashboards with ready  Visualization charts like Sales Funnel report, productivity report and many other such reports.


Tableau Data preparation feature helps cleaning, filtering, merging and modifying data pulled from one or more sources, reducing the data cleaning time drastically time and you have more time to spend on preparing reports. Tableau allows you to standardize Business reporting across the organization and business decisions happen basis data not individual interpretations of data. It frees up the MIS/ IT team from the repetitive tasks of setting up reports again and again and makes the process more reliable with a reduced human touch.


Tableau fits in all environment, whether small or big, A industry or B industry because at the end of the day, everyone wants to make quick business decisions based on Data which Tableau allows. Be it Sales Performance, Human Resource productivity, Operations Performance, Financial reports or profitability assessment, Tableau can be used equally well to deliver all of these irrespective of Industry. Tableau provides a Mission-Critical Platform that is secured, reliable and scalable. It is designed to meet your internal as well as external information security compliance requirements.


Key products from Tableau:


  • Tableau Desktop – the powerful tool to take Data offline and analyze, share it with Tableau Server and/ or Tableau Online.
  • Tableau Server – Share your Dashboards and Analysis across the organization or outside as your business demands and multiply the impact.
  • Tableau Online – Tableau Online is the allows you to publish the Dashboards and Analysis without having to manage the Server.
  • Tableau Public – is the free service that can be used by developers and researchers to create and publish Dashboards and Analysis freely on the web.


Why Choose KDataScience for Tableau BI Reporting?


KDataScience provides Tableau Business Intelligence Reporting Services and Solutions with skilled in-house resources. Our Services are available on hourly engagement or turnkey basis, whichever suits you. For each of our engagement, post we assess the opportunity, we provide an estimated cost and time required to help the client make a quicker decision.

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